Piglet Feeding

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Very flexible and powerful liquid feeding computer for the simultaneous control of 2 systems with integrated piglet feeding.


  • 2 systems can be controlled simultaneously
  • Process visualization of each system with its own information page
  • Functional sequence of each system can be parameterized (programs and relays)
  • Various feeding systems can be implemented (AD libitum, standard, simultaneous and piglet feeding system variants)
  • 2 scales can be connected
  • Up to 56 freely programmable outputs (relays) can be connected
  • Up to 48 inputs for switch contacts can be connected
  • up to 6 frequency inverters for motor speed control can be connected
  • Controllable up to 999 feed valves
  • internal electronic clock with battery backup
  • Data backup on two different media (PC and Flash)
  • 30 blends
  • 40 components for dosing
  • Replacement formula for every component
  • Replacement silo possible for every component
  • Dosing by time possible (weight-time conversion)
  • 15 feeding procedures per day (sequences)
  • 18 groups per sequence in any order with weekly planning for each day
  • 9 different feed and weight curves, each with 255 curve points
  • any distribution of feed rations (bio-values) with weekly planning
  • arbitrary division of the drinking quantities with weekly planning
  • Multi-phase feeding with up to 15 support formulations per mix
  • Different recipe calculation modes
  • Different rationing modes (TS, energy etc.)
  • 3 recipes per valve
  • 3 cutting days for automatic recipe changes per valve
  • Extensive statistical data per valve, per supplier, per slaughterhouse, per month
  • Consumption and cost statistics per system and mixture
  • Silo stock monitoring
  • Text entry program for recipe names, component names, relay names etc.

Complete remote control possible via Windows PC